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Advertising or campaign signs are not permitted on CABH owned and maintained property including traffic medians. No person shall use a personal directional sign on CABH owned or maintained property unless such sign and usage complies with these rules. All non-conforming signs, balloons, and flags, shall be removed by CABH personnel, these will be discarded if not claimed within 7 days. All directional open house signs shall be 9" x 12" with the CABH logo. Approved Open House signs may be procured from the clubhouse for a deposit of $20 per sign, the deposit will be held for 14 days, signs must be returned within 14 days or deposit will be forfeited.


Residents holding a garage or estate sale must procure approved signs from the clubhouse for the deposit of $10 per sign. Deposits will be held for (7) seven days, if signs are not returned by the end of this period, the deposit will be forfeited. Only one sign pointing in a given direction may be installed on each side of a street, near an intersection. If a sign is already installed pointing in the desired direction, no additional signs at the intersection may be installed. No signs are allowed on the Clubhouse medians.


  • After the first offense, CABH will impose a $20 fine per individual for posting non-conforming signs. THIS POLICY APPLIES TO CABH COMMON AREAS ONLY; RESIDENTS SHOULD ALSO CHECK THEIR INDIVIDUAL'S NEIGHBORHOOD'S SIGN POLICY.


Please click on the button below to see the map of the property that CABH owns and maintains. Notice that the following streets are included in CABH property: Avenida Venusto, Paseo Lucido, and Bernardo Heights Parkway.

CABH Approved Signs

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