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Room Reservations

If you are interested in booking at the Clubhouse, please call the Front Desk for more information and to begin the reservation process. 

When calling, please have dates ready and understand that we book three weeks in advance at the minimum to ensure all details are sorted out.

If you are ready to book with us after calling, please come to the Clubhouse with your checkbook for the fee and deposit. *Checks must be in the member's name.

*No religious, political, or business-related (for-profit) events can be held at the Clubhouse.

Room Reservation Policies

1. All reservations must be made 3 weeks in advance at the minimum and 6 months at the maximum.

2. We only allow 1 party per day to ensure we have parking available for all party guests and Clubhouse members.

3. Members must be present and have checked in, in order for guests and vendors to enter the facility to begin their set-up. The member must stay for the duration of the event and check out at the end.

4. Members have a limit of three reservations per calendar year.

5. Reserving rooms for individuals not members of the Bernardo Heights Community Center is prohibited.

Fee Structure

The fees outlined in the chart below are for four (4) hours, including set-up and clean-up. The maximum time allowed for a room reservation is six (6) hours. Arriving 15 minutes before your start time to set up is not allowed. 

Events/rentals cannot exceed 10:00 PM.
If you are interested in reserving a spot at Lucido Park, you will need to come into the community center to fill out a permit. 

There is no fee or deposit required for park reservations. 


When making a reservation at the Bernardo Heights Clubhouse, you have the option of using an outdoor vendor for your event.

Caterers/Vendors must provide the
Certificate of Liability Insurance with proper endorsements prior to providing service to the event. CABH will not allow caterers/vendors on the property without insurance. CABH has the authority to cancel reservations if insurance and necessary documents are not submitted or up to date.
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